Thursday, November 29, 2007

"The Journey"

These limes looked like they had a purpose. As if they were on their way to some destination.

I love these last two paintings. Several of the things I strive for came together. One of the things I did with these two was to try and use the Munsell Color Wheel. I learned about it in a class I took from Carol Marine. The idea is you pick a dominant color then use a little of each color on either side of the wheel and a tiny bit of the color on the opposite side of the wheel. Clear as mud? Look at the wheel I linked to. My dominant color for this painting is orange. I used a little red and a little yellow. Red and yellow are the colors on either side of orange on the wheel. Then I used a tiny bit of blue which is the color opposite from orange on the wheel. I didn't stick with it exactly obviously but keeping the ideas in the back of my mind helped make a nice color combination I think.

Edited Picture I'm having a hard time getting a good photo of this painting. I think this picture more closely shows the true color.

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Blogger JMahorney said...

Brenda, I really like the way the last two turned out also. Great background texture and the brushstrokes seems loose and natural. Especially on those nice lime slices!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Pat Meyer said...

Brenda, Thank you for the new found tips that you shared. Will try that out in the future. Love the intense colors that you used. It is eye catching. The background adds allot of interest in the painting. Pat Meyer

9:10 PM  

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